Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GiveAway:BB Cream by Cyber Colors.Free Ni!

Kamu mau hadiah?Free ni FREEEEEE... hihi

 Kamu guna BB Cream ka?Honestly, I have never (yet!) ;ay my fingers on any BB Cream out there. huhu.. bah, yalah cakaplah ketinggalan zaman.. hahaha.. belum terfikir mau try sebab ada banyak bah kan BB cream di pasaran sekarang..

This gorgeous young lady Ms Khairunie is giving away a set of BB Cream by Cyber Colors for Free! Macamana mau dapat? Sonang ajer..

1. follow her blog (here) if you haven't.(tidak rugi follow.her blog's interesting and she happens to be a creative photographer too)
2. leave your trace in her comment section. don't forget to leave your blog address, your full name and your e-mail address. share with her what are your daily skin care regimens and what are your secrets to fight your skin problems (if any). also tell her why you want to win this contest / giveaway
3. by the end of the contest she will pick only one winner (obviously).


bah.. click the link and join the GA. it ends 30th October 2011!

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