Friday, August 19, 2011

Frustrated on Friday


i sincerely hope everyone is having a nice and productive Friday today. For I am not. I am warning you that this is going to be a whiny entry, so if you opt for cheerful and positive entry, then think again about reading through. (tho, i promised you, i dont normally do this in my blog. a dear friend once said in her blog, her blog is not her diary, she does not share everything about her in it. bukan semua masalah harus diluahkan dalam blog,kan?)

but today, is not a day i can be hush² and keep it to myself. I own the right to do so, once in a while, for i am only human.

i am late to work today (only 5 minutes) but it is enough to dampen my mood for we have stupid strict rule of lambat-5-minit-potong-gaji-2 jam!darn, i recall only being late for 1-2 times this month but i am not so sure. i told myself no one is to be blamed for i woke up very early in the morning, hubby drove me to work when it was still dark and misty outside but still the traffic jam is not on our side this morning.

Still worrying over some debts I have to pay, I receive an email from the boss requesting for some matrix. I have shared the document in the Google Docs, it's not my problem that you don't know how to use them properly (yes, I realized I am talking about the people who is paying my wage, but sometimes they need to be reminded that they are dealing with living creatures OF THE SAME SPECIES!) To add salt to injury, the way this boss requested the document was so sarcastic. "Can I get the so called matrix?" what does the boss meant when 'so called' is used?that i didn't do it?that i only make-believe it exist?gee weez.. Well, helloooooo... I email it to the boss every time there are changes or every time the boss requested it.

This might sound so mere to some, but to someone who is bugged with all the silly details of 5S (somehow the boss is frighteningly fixated at 5S), i mean I respect 5S culture and believe that it is for the best of everyone in an organisation, but when the attention to 5S is actually getting on the way of completing other important tasks AND even the slightest mistakes of 5S (messy cables which is not THAT messy, no partitions in drawers,trays, tiny weeny dust on your table,etc) might cost you year-end bonus, DONT YOU THINK ITS TOO MUCH already?

i am sighing more than i should already. Hubby won't like this one bit.

Please, Allah, give me the strength.

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