Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Di Osibisi

So, i have to accept the fact that I am working with company A but company B is handling my salary. So, i have to accept the fact that i might have to wait 2-3 days before the cheque for this month's salary is cleared in my bank account. urgh~ So i have to accept the fact that when everyone else is getting ka-chings in their bank account tomorrow, I still have to wait until Friday, or worse next week for mine. ~sad

Since I need to make sure I can get the ka-chings asap, I decided to open ANOTHER bank account since the cheque I am receiving from Kinetic Motions is OCBC cheque & I only have Ambank,Maybank,CIMBank,Bank Islam (wah banyak nyer bank account..kelas ko mariaaaaa~hm!)

So, off I went to OCBC during lunch hour.

Exhibit 1: 

"Nonny Atika Yahya, can I call you Nonny?" I smiled & nodded (malas mo bagi reaksi lebih² sebab sedang berusaha menahan mengantuk..KK sungguh panassss hari ni kawan²..) Then she said, "Nonny's a very lovely name". She sounded sincere but I think it's just her being courteous haha.Apa²pun, I'm glad ayah gave the name.

Exhibit 2:

The lady ( I think her name's Elvina..) was writing something and suddenly looked up to me & say " Happy Birthday".. I laughed and said thanks. But it's not yet my birthday (due in 8 hours or so lah). haha!

Exhibit 3:

Elvina reminded me that since OCBC is and overseas bank, than withdrawal from any local bank ATM machines will cost me RM4. (and the sad thing is, OCBC ATM machine in KK is only at this main branch!) Takkanlah mak jemah kena drive all the way to Pekan Tuaran just to withdraw kan? huh~

Exhibit 4:

Mary (the beautiful-and-edgy-looking-teller at the counter told me my cheque might have to wait until Friday to be cleared. The rest of her sentence went blurry.WHA...?? Friday? darn!


PS: Dayz, mungkin dia tidak lupa, tapi kurang concern tentang apa akibatnya kepada saya kalau gaji saya di prerpare oleh Kinetic Motion dan bukan dorang c Grace.. :) sedih jugalah, sebab july gaji sy under AMS, bulan ni KM.. bulan depan entah apa pula.. terkontang-kanting paycheque mak, nok~

1 left

Dayz J said...

ohh iyaka. kesiannya. patutlah kau risau ah. kami ni nasiblah semua cek clear hari ni. tp bagus tu nonny, lambat habis duit kau. hehe

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