Wednesday, December 15, 2010

day 6- your celebrity crush


see, I have not been a faithful Korean drama/movies/celebs fan since, well, since people started doing so. I was once a 'Japanese'.haha.perasan! Abby my bestie was the one responsible for introducing me to this phenomenon. She decided to lend me Full House! I mean, Rain and  Song Hye Kyo definitely put an enchantment on me. haha.alasan! So Abby keep on feeding me with CDs and more info on K-Pop. And so I was hooked. Our paths T-Junctioned (HAHAHA.again,perasan di situ!) when I found myself watching Ma-i-Geol (My Girl la bah tu kan). 

I was melted like a birthday cake candle! (boleh begitu perumpamaan?hahahaha) Lee Dong Wok's character of Gong Chan[oppa] was like thousands of pelurus strucking my already weak heart (bahahaha.tolong jgn muntah hijau).

Well, I am on slow speed limits when it comes to KPops,JPops these days but still liking it lah. I last watched Lee in THE PERFECT COUPLE. very funny movie.^_^

P.S: i finished watching My Girl in TWO friggin' days! yikes..

2 left

memeng said...

Gom se-mari-ga
Han ji-be isseo
Appa gom, omma gom, ae-gi gom
Appa go-meun tung tung hae
Omma go-meun nal-shin-hae
Ae-gi go-meun neo-moo ki-yeo-wo
Eu-sseuk, eu-sseuk, jal-han-da
huhu...BIG STRUCK ON RAIN IN FULL HOUSE...suruh laling downloadkan lg tu...haha

Nay-MrsNurl said...

adidih lirik ah.. aku pun kasi jd rt lagu dia ni smpilah aku tukar p lagu dr mygirl tu.. kiut btl kan c rain dlm FH.. hahahaha...

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