Wednesday, December 8, 2010

day 1- 15 facts about you

i meant, about me ^_^

so here goes. 


#2 I STARTED READING AT A VERY EARLY AGE OF 2. i enjoy lying on newspapers reading short articles. so, books are my prime interest.

#3 MY FAVORITE COLOR IS PURPLE. but i love pink too. though mum say i looked like someone who likes red or blue. crash of identity?toink!

#4 I ACTUALLY CRAVE MORE THOSE RAMLY BURGER COMPARED TO MCD. i get bored with McD eassiilly but not with them ramlys. haha.

#5 I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SWIM. not that i enjoy pools and beaches ( though i love long walks at nice beaches)

#6 I DON'T KNOW HOW TO RIDE A BIKE. sedih kan? HAHA. i am soon to be married (InsyaAllah.doakan saya ya ^_^) to someone who does so maybe I'll get some free lessons LOl

#7 I DON'T DO ANY MUSICAL INSTRUMENT. though i always gave the impression that i do guitars and piano. i NEVER say i do. they just assume. wonder why. (did i mentioned i like writing songs but i don't so music notes?HAHA)

#8 I HAVE WEIGHT ISSUES EVER SINCE I LEFT COLLEGE AFTER FINISHING DIPLOMA. i used to be a 'healthy' baby but gradually when i grew up, weight was not an issue. only when i stopped sports and started working the blobs came attacking. I last weigh in @ 73kg.sad!

#9 I AM A BIG FAN OF MY MOBILE PHONE. need i say more? ihihi

#10 I ENJOY COOKING MORE THAN DOING THE DISH. must make sure future hubby enjoys dishwashing. huhu.

#11 I AM AN ASPIRING AUTHOR. i once wrote a whole story of hundreds of pages. i lost my sole copy of the manuscript and had writer;s block ever since. but i am working on a secret project now. slow but steady win the race (?)

#12 I RECENTLY TOOK INTEREST IN PHOTOGRAPHY. and bought myself a Canon DSLR. i am still a novice and still hadnt got much time to learn. ^_^ (these days almost everywhere we go we see people with camera,yes?could be the FB effect hihi)


#14 I LOVE BEING AROUND KIDS. i love everything about early childhood development ^_^


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