Thursday, December 23, 2010

the 30days blog challenge requested a favorite photo.

This photo was taken by my sister. DSLR capturing wajah penat gilos. HAHA!

i didn't think twice when i choose this one, not only coz it has me n him on it but because it was a reminder of how we survived an 8 days Tamu Gadang UMS challenge. why a challenge?well mum decide to open a stall selling food & drinks and supposedly, me & my sister were to monitor 2 helpers during the 8 days. coz Mum is still teaching. But the stress took a toll on bot helpers sanity they decided to quit halfway. We ended up doing everything ourselves, and I managed to convince mr.fiance to help out. We were at the stall as early as after subuh and only finish cleaning at almost 11pm. Home by 12am and the same thing went on for 5 days. Sister said were actually tired since day 1coz half of the time the 'helpers' just sit and watch us doing their work @_@

He (let's call him AbgMat ok ^_^) helped from morning to afternoon and had to leave us because he needs to be at the shop by 1pm. Then h came back around 9.30pm to help us clean up. Thanks for being such a sport,syg~

By the end of the 8days, we were like sotong kurita hilang arah HAHAHA..but then again, it was worth it. We managed to get more than we had expected.

This was also taken during that TG UMS 2010. 
Thanx for the photo,sis!

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