Sunday, January 9, 2011

have u bought yourself a 2011 diary/planner?

oh this is the next request on the 30 days blog challenge
(please click lil missy here for the challenge Smiley )

So what was the last item i purchased?Well, no big purchases were made in twenty11 (yet; still waiting for my 1st salary from new workplaceSmiley ) but the thing i last  purchase was a 2011 Diary..costs me just RM4.95 @ Harris.. no need for pricey diary since thriftiness is one of my personal goal this year *wink

 wished they had it in purple but this one's fine also bah kan

I guess, in a way my decision paid off because yesterday my luvly colleague Ella (thanx a lot Ella!) got me one of those excutivey planner from her sister who works at Bank Rakyat (Saya Mesti Pilih! hihi).

suitable when I am in meetings.

nope. the diary/planner didn't come with a huge teddy lol..(it's not even mine.well, someone who didn't want it anymore gave it to me so..yeah haha)


have u ? cheers!

0 left

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