Sunday, January 9, 2011

Almost 2 weeks!

I am so sorry  for not being around right after Christmas.. broadband switched hand (no, i haven't got my streamyx up and running since i am might move to a new crib after the wedding) so basically, there will be times when i am internetless. but that's ok..i get to just sit down and read real books (so much things to read on the internet these days, i am ruining my eyes even more lol).

So how's twentyeleven treating you so far? Alhamdulillah, the last week of 2010 was the perfect ending, at least for me it was. And as we enter 2011, things get even better.syukur... =) biasalah kan kalau ada a few minor setbacks (what's life without challenges,aight?) but so far i am handling it pretty well..

Jan 3rd marks my day at my new workplace. First week, not so much things to do but lotsa things to learn. Pretty smooth on the first week,hope it lasts. anyone of you moved to a new workplace this year?

I am entering Korean Language class offered at my workplace (it's fully sponsored by the government so it's free!). See lah if i manage to converse in Hangul after the 3 months course. hehe.. For those in KK area, do check for info on fully sponsored Korean, Japanese & Mandarin Conversational Class. it's 3 a months course, everything is free (free meals provided).. =)

Oh my 30days blog challenge is so delayed already. But might as well finish it. (but i dont think i can do it everyday lah ;p)

till then, stay safe. and keep up the happy mode!

2 left

Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Way to go...learning Korean Language?!!! oh my, I am so envy with you.

Hey, wish you all the best there...

Nonny Atika said...

thanx wayne.. see lah how it goes haha

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