Thursday, March 17, 2011


Migraine day 4 (or is it day 5?). Woke up with a throbbing pain. Almost got myself an MC but with all the work on my desk and tray and files, I just couldn't get myself to take the day off. Maybe if I really need a rest, I'll stay home tomorrow.

Updating my blog from the office?notty me! tadi cakap banyak kerja. @_@ .. I needed a break. FB is strictly prohibited so i guess updating my blog won't hurt. ( actually it does; our IT Policy prohibit us to do any FBing, blogging,etc).. to he** with it. I feel like complaining..

About what? this lady who yapped about her getting married to a New Zealander and ended up calling the whole thing off because her family rejected the wedding. Why? She only knew this guy a for a few months thru the Internet (and she has the nerve to believe that he is a businessman traveling all parts of the world. for all you know he's that fruit vendor living next door trying to play a scam on you for refusing to buy his products!). anyways, this guy finally came down to town (aaalll the way from NZ i tell you..) and met up with her and instantly suggested that he met up with her parents. ( DON'T WORRY.. MY COMPLAINT IS RELEVANT TO THIS SHORT STORY.)

And so they did. He asked her hand in marriage and without hesitation, faster than you can say holy matrimony, she said yes! Excited to get married and be swept off her feet by a NZealander (why do I keep mentioning this?who cares if he's a French, Italian, Korean??huhu now that's a different case ^_^) she gave a 24 hours notice (suka suka dia resign within 24 hours.. EH HELLO BABU, for those working 7 years or more, your notice of resignation is 2 months OK!) SHe dropped everything off just like that ( a few of us ended cleaning 'the mess' for her). I choose not to attend her pizza farewell party (they had pizza bah); i heard no one really pay attention to her speech everyone was ogling the pizza haha!

And so she left. For some of us, her resignation was a relief. Why?Well, here's the thing. She's loud (read:speakers with powerful sub-woofers!), she likes to poke finger into other people's work pretend she knows better way to do it bah (if you see how she handles her work, hah!).

And the day after her 'wedding', she called and told my office mate cum new  buddy Ella (who was buried with all the work that NZer-wifey-to-be dumped on her table just like that!) and told her that she's not resigning! First thought: oh maybe the hubby let her stay and work here in Sabah for alittle while before moving to NZ. But when we snooped for more info, we heard that the wedding was off!

The management was clearly unhappy with her sudden resignation, so when she decided to come back, thinking she's a valuable asset, the management's ultimatum was: she can only stay for A MONTH to clear out all her 'leftovers' and that's it!

My complaint: She's becoming more and more annoying when she came back to the office. louder, crappier (talking nonstop about her mom, that NZ guy, her new love-interest-an Irish guy!) and trying her best to get on everybody's nerve! She yells when she shouldn't have. She express profoundly of her professionalism (even when nobody's asking!). And she treats Ella (who is NOT her assistant!) like a servant. She talks nonsense of other people's academic qualifications. Walking around the office like Energizer Rabbit looking busy when she's actually NOT!! Sheesh.

She even made a silly joke about tsunami (I mean what is it with some people thinking Malaysia is so darn safe from all those disasters (Nauzubillahiminzalik..) that they can make fun of it? Adoi tolonglah)..

Fuh.. that's out of my chest.

Coming soon: I have a Masters Degree (but actually my proposal for it was rejected last week!) WTH?

till then...xoxo!

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Pu3 said...

This is so interesting :P You story makes me wonder what type of people im going to encounter in the future in my workplace.

Thank you for sharing. :)

Nonny Atika said...

huhu~ let's hope u don't have this type as ur colleague.semak!

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