Tuesday, February 2, 2010


yes..that is exactly how i feel now.. FINALLY! why?

1) my dearest buddy kema told me that she have problem commenting on my blog because of the layout i was using since yesterday. wasn't aware about that before kema kema mention about it. TQ princess! why FINALLY? well, i started fixing the layout, going thru a lot of blogger layouts sites since early afternoon [i even carry around the heavy laptop with my broadband attached to it while accompanying B doing errands @Socso & KWSP. i tried a lot of those layouts that caught my attention but always have problem; cant comment lah, XML problem la [ah tak fahamnya!]. sudahlah frust bila niat ke klinik to do med-checkup tidak kesampaian coz we arrived just in time for the registration counter to put up 'MAAF TUTUP' sign.blah~

make things worse? laptop died while waiting for the clock to strike 2pm so the counters @ Socso's back in the business (kenapalah keluar berurusan masa lunch hour.dush!) so i am left with a very heartbroken feeling coz i know we won't be able to go home until later tonight to give me time to plug in the laptop and start again with my blog construction. so, the moment we reached home @11pm, i went straight to change and plug in the laptop. after a few of frustrating tries, i got it right with this layout i'm using now. FINALLY!

2) i am officially off the previous job after my contract ended and because of the bad economy, no $$ was allocated to continue having us serve longer but, hey! that's life bah kan? so chin up, i started looking for better and more promising jobs since convo is still far ahead to use BA.TeSL. i had set to go for this appointment to attend the interview for a telecommunication company on the 6th when i received a call that i was offered to be a substitute teacher in a elementary school in town. yeay~ i would be doing it for a month [i expected it to be two, but hey, the pay is RM2*** so no hal..i'll backup with job hunting while doing the sub so will not 'run out of job'. [adakah itu ayat sesuai?haha.bah, cemana mau mengajar ni ayat pun not sure?] So, FINALLY a job.

)FINALLY, i get to watch a movie (thanx to B..luv u,hun!) after a month not being able to do so. rasanya tidak layak sudah mau kena panggil movie maniac ni tau~we watched Fairy Tooth (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson) and had decent good laughs along the way. i know some people might say he all his movie flops but i am still a fan. i watched all his movie. :-P B said if we want to have $$ for the wedding, we need to 'rehat dulu belanja yang kurang penting' so i guess it would be some time bfore we can enter GSC's movie halls again. but my goal is June so a few months 'movie celibacy' won't hurt i guess [ya ka?huhu]

watching reruns of So You Think You can Dance now. will sleep at 2am lah ni (tomorrow bangun jam 6am, B said we need to be at Pejabat Pendidikan 8am sharp so we can sampai at the sekolah SKSG asap). B is already fidgeting for this laptop sp i guess it's gudnite.

till then, selamat malam. mimpi yang indah ya!



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princess.dHani said...

linked you! <3

MrsNurl said...

makseh~ hope i'll survive this time lolz

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